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Sejak aku mengetahui alamat ini tujuh bulan lalu, hampir semua cerita aku baca, terutama yang merupakan kisah nyata. Karena itulah aku tergerak untuk mencoba menceritakan pengalamanku. Aku (sebut saja Aswin), umur hanpir 40 tahun, postur tubuh biasa saja, seperti rata-rata orang Indonesia, tinggi 168 cm, berat 58 kg, wajah lumayan (kata ibuku), kulit agak kuning, seorang suami dan bapak satu anak kelas satu Sekolah Dasar. Selamat mengikuti pengalamanku. Cerita yang aku paparkan berikut ini terjadi hari Senin. Hari itu aku berangkat kerja naik bis kota (kadang-kadang aku bawa mobil sendiri). Seperti hari Senin pada umumnya bis kota terasa sulit. Entah karena armada bis yang berkurang, atau karena setiap Senin orang jarang membolos dan berangkat serentak pagi-pagi. Setelah hampir satu jam berlari ke sana ke mari, akhirnya aku mendapatkan bis. Dengan nafas ngos-ngosan dan mata kesana kemari, akhirnya aku mendapat tempat duduk di bangku dua yang sudah terisi seorang wanita. Kuhempaskan pantat dan kubuang nafas pertanda kelegaanku mendapatkan tempat duduk, setelah sebelumnya aku menganggukkan kepala pada teman dudukku. Continue reading




A pig roast or hog roast is an event or gathering which involves the barbecuing of a whole hog (the castrated male pig or boar, bred for consumption at about 12 months old). Pig roasts in the mainland American Deep South are often referred to as a pig pickin’, although roasts are also a common occurrence in Cuba as well as the non-mainland US state of Hawaii (a luau),with roasts being done in the mainland states by descendants of other areas.


Betutu is a balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken or duck. This highly seasoned and spiced dish is a popular dish in Bali and Lombok. An even spicier version is available using extra-spicy sauce made from uncooked  onion slices mixed with red chili peppers and coconut oil.

This traditional dish is very popular nowadays. It can be found in the menu of luxury hotels or restaurants in Bali. It takes at least 24 hours to cook. Many travelers from other regions of Indonesia brought Betutu dishes as Balinese-gift for their families. This dish is also popular among tourists who travel to Bali.

Balinese traditional dance

1. wali dance

a) sang hyang dedari dance


The Sang Hyang Dedari dance usually involves teenage or young dancers because of their purity: a virgin girl is considered holy. When it is performed, the dancers are in a state of trance, allowing them to make wonderful movements.

Their state of trance begins before the dance starts. The ceremony begins in temple areas, with a procession marching to the place where the event will take place.

The dancers are set on the ground between the female and male choirs. They make free movements in a dreamy version of the Legong dance. Even though their eyes are closed during the entire performance, they can make perfectly synchronised movements.

When the choirs stop chanting, the entranced girls jump to the ground. A holy priest, known locally as ‘pemangku’, then brings them out of the trance by saying a prayer and blessing them with the holy water. When they emerge from the trance, they are weak and exhausted and unaware of having danced on stage.

The Sang Hyang Dedari dance has been developed from the essential religious function of maintaining good health and well being of the villagers. The dance is usually performed to drive out evil spirits that come to Earth and disturb the harmony of the human race in the form of sickness or death.

The dance is performed when divine spirits temporarily descend on villages, revealing themselves through the entranced dancers. Sang Hyang is the name of the divine spirit, meaning holiness, while Dedari (meaning ‘angels’) describes the trance ceremony. Continue reading

Ukt Kader n Pendekar 2

Mudra is the body or limb movements, movements or positions that have an influence on the flow of prana in the body that also affect the psyche. Mudra term in Bali is often called the Tetanganan. As for practicing and learning Mudra mampaat Nawa Sanga is as follows:

1) can stimulate and mobilize vessels – vessels in the body,
2) The fire in the belly (in power), enlarged to terhimpum power centered in the abdomen (belly),
3) clean up and open Nadhis, the vessels where the flow of energy or chakra energy.
4) Clean and open Garanthi, ie node Nadhis which is a meeting place several Nadhis,
5) Shake the god god who dwells in Chakra Chakra to facilitate Chakras and awaken the Kundalini fire,
6) to reach the perfection of yoga .. a Yogi or Yogini who ruled Mudra practice or just practicing Mudra just one or two, so it is not complete, will fail Yoga. Continue reading


Silat science Rope Sense (Balinese Taichi) is one of 72 Science Silat martial arts of Paiketan paguron Flute Gods, Silat Science Tali Rasa consists of 360 forms dand movement in the chain to 18 martial arts moves, following the permission of the chairman of Science writer Tali Rasa , I Putu Alit Wenata and Elders Generation IX, Ki Nova Platinum, will try to explain and introduce Silat Science Tali sense to the general public. Tali martial arts flavor is very good for health, with so many requests that can be taught Tali sense to the general public outside of the family members who are so interested in the College of Science Warisa Watukaru Rare Silat, the Elders Generation IX, began to respond to requests and demands of the people are hungry for Health and Science who missed the movement Silat is a very soft stance by introducing one of the 18 stance contained in the Library Science Tali Rasa Silat, Silat Science introductory rope to the general public taste began with the opening of a short training or short courses of 7 (seven times) meeting . Continue reading


Gamelan is a musical ensemble that usually highlight metallophone, xylophone, drums, and gongs. The term gamelan refers to the instrument / tool, which is a unified whole that is realized and sounded together. Gamelan word itself comes from the Javanese gamel which means hitting / beating, followed by an ending that makes the noun. Gamelan orchestra mostly found in the island of Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok in Indonesia in various types of sizes and shapes ensemble. In Bali and Lombok today, and in Java through the 18th century, the term gong is more considered synonymous with gamelan. Continue reading


Balinese house in accordance with the rules of Asta Kosala Kosali (part Vedas that governs the layout of the room and building, like Feng Shui in Chinese Culture)

According to the philosophy of the Balinese community, dynamic in life will be achieved when the realization of a harmonious relationship between aspects pawongan, palemahan and parahyangan. For the construction of a house should include these aspects or the so-called Tri Hita Karana. Pawongan is the occupants of the house. Palemahan means there must be a good relationship between residents and the environment. Continue reading

Bali clothing area is really very varied, although briefly looks the same. Each region in Bali has a symbolic and ornamental characteristics, based on events / ceremonies, its sex and age. Social and economic status of a person can be determined based on fashion style jewelry and ornaments are worn.



Traditional men’s clothing generally consists of:

  •      Udeng (headband)
  •      fabric seam
  •      Umpal (shawl fastener)
  •      Wastra fabric (tank)
  •      belt
  •      kris
  •      Variety of jewelry ornaments

Often worn dress shirt, suit and footwear as a complement.



Traditional women’s clothing generally consists of:

  •      Bun (bun)
  •      Sesenteng (kemben songket)
  •      Cain wastra
  •      Prada belt (stagen), twisting the hips and chest
  •      Songket shawl shoulder down
  •      Tapih cloth or sinjang, next to the
  •      Variety of jewelry ornaments

Often kebaya worn, the cloth covering the chest, and footwear as a complement.


Balinese dance in general can be categorized into three groups, namely guardian or sacred dance performances, bebali or dance performances for ceremonies and also for visitors and balih-balihan or dance for the entertainment of visitors.

Balinese dance expert I Made Bandem in the early 1980s never classify these Balinese dances; among others belong to the trustee such Berutuk, Sang Hyang Dedari, Rejang and Baris Gede, among others, is Gambuh bebali, Mask Pajegan and Wayang Wong, whereas balih-balihan among others is the Legong, Parwa, Arja, Prembon and Joged as well as a variety of modern dance choreography.

One of the dances are very popular for tourists is the Kecak Dance and Pendet. Around the 1930s, Wayan modulus worked with German painter Walter Spies to create the Kecak dance by Sang Hyang tradition and part of the Ramayana story. Wayan modulus popularizing this dance while traveling the world with his troupe of Balinese dancers.


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