Bali’s population of about 4 million people some more, with a 92.3% majority of the Hindu religion. Other religions are Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism. Religion Islam is the largest minority religion in Bali with adherents between 5 to 7.2%.

Apart from tourism, the Balinese are also living from farming and fishing, the most recognized in the world of agriculture Bali Subak system is. Some also choose to be an artist. The language used in Bali is Indonesian, Balinese and English, especially for those who work in the tourism sector.

Balinese and Indonesian are the most widespread language use in Bali and Indonesia as well as other residents, the majority of Balinese people are bilingual or even trilingual. Although there are several dialects of the Balinese language, Balinese people generally use some form of Balinese language intercourse as an option to communicate. Traditionally, the use of the various dialects of the Balinese language is determined by the color of chess system in Hindu Dharma and clan membership (the term Bali: soroh, gotra), although the implementation of these traditions tend to diminish. In some places in Bali, found a number of users of the Java language.

English is the third language (and the primary foreign language) of many Balinese people are influenced by the needs of the tourism industry. The employees who work at tourist information centers in Bali, often also understand some foreign language with sufficient competence. Japanese education is also a priority in Bali.

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