Silat science Rope Sense (Balinese Taichi) is one of 72 Science Silat martial arts of Paiketan paguron Flute Gods, Silat Science Tali Rasa consists of 360 forms dand movement in the chain to 18 martial arts moves, following the permission of the chairman of Science writer Tali Rasa , I Putu Alit Wenata and Elders Generation IX, Ki Nova Platinum, will try to explain and introduce Silat Science Tali sense to the general public. Tali martial arts flavor is very good for health, with so many requests that can be taught Tali sense to the general public outside of the family members who are so interested in the College of Science Warisa Watukaru Rare Silat, the Elders Generation IX, began to respond to requests and demands of the people are hungry for Health and Science who missed the movement Silat is a very soft stance by introducing one of the 18 stance contained in the Library Science Tali Rasa Silat, Silat Science introductory rope to the general public taste began with the opening of a short training or short courses of 7 (seven times) meeting .

when we glimpse Tali Rasa Silat Science movement and compare it with Silat Science Tai Chi that is in the land of China, there are similarities, as well as other martial arts stream flow that is currently developing many who rely on the harmony of motion and breath and started very in enjoy doing and even admired throughout the world. students often ask whether there is relation between science Silat Silat Science Tai Chi with Tali sense because there are similarities motion or just a coincidence, a rather difficult question because the answer will inevitably lead to questions and will never run out in talking about, if we draw backward story that one of the elder gods Paiketan Flute, Elders First Generation Ki Ki Byanlu Syamar or Budhi Darmo, a holy monk who came from Dwipa Jambu (India), had lived for 18 years in Bali Dwipa at the Hermitage Candra Parwata Gunungwatu karu, studying philosophy and Tatwa and Silat Bali Ancient Science and over 18 years living in Bali Dwipa, he managed to control 72 Silat Bali Arts of Ancient holy book of heirloom Paiketan paguron flute under the guidance of the Elder Gods Starter Ki Ki Goplo and raised Budhi Dharma as Elders Generation I Paiketan paguron Gods distilled in year 63 months 11 days to 26 (Çaka warsa 463/542 AD), as written in the Parampara college, after 18 years of living in Bali next Dwipa he continued his journey to spread the dharma as a monk who is the main goal when he ventured of the country Jambu Dwipa India, in the country believe he got to China, in China itself known as Dat Pu ti mo, and without intending to compare Tai Chi with Sila Science Science Sense Silat Tali, we just want to introduce the Most Secret Science Silat This is a glorious legacy of the Hermitage Candra – Mount Watukaru who own a similarity and motion similarity with those studying Silat Science Tai Chi or other martial arts.


Kick Rope sense I (Explanation Tali Sense and Photo)
If we consider this explanation the following explanation, we will see that a cursory martial arts Tali Rasa, it is actually a high-level martial arts, where each movement in a series of moves in the paint in a very poetic language beautiful and can only be understood as meaning that the by those who understand the science of martial arts, for those who do not understand and explore the science of martial arts, they can only capture the meaning outside of language in expressing the beauty of Sciences Silat Tali taste, here are some 15 verses from 22 poems contained in Tali Rasa Kick Silat Science I:
1. Put protection, 2. the right-hand shift mount, 3. pairs protected right, 4. one mountain left hand shift, 5. Protected pairs left, 6. the right-hand shift mountains, 7. withstand storms, 8. pair of hands to shift the mountain, 9. pushing the mountain to the ocean floor, 10. hand in the direction of rotation, 11. capture of pushing the moon, 12. hit the dragon’s head, 13. magic round, 14. encourage the right cloud, 15. push the cloud left

Fighting for ChangeCompletion of Studies Silat Tali Rasa.
Rope martial arts sense, a high level of martial arts. vigorous movement elements throw waste of energy is not there anymore. all movement implies extraordinary dalalmnnya, not just anyone is able to understand it.
every movement Silat Science Tali Rasa continued without interruption connect like a magic rope. movements slow and smooth is the point between the moving and stationary, he said quietly moving very slowly as silent, said quietly he moves. Studies Silat movements very subtle flavors aligned strap and matching between empty and fill, movement and silent, hard and soft.
Science should be trained Silat Tali Rasa calmly put thoughts and feelings, do not put energy and muscle so as to improve the quality of health for the better, its motion should be normal as if nothing had to be there. Movement Science Silat Tali Rasa from start to finish connecting connect not cut off like a complete circle, it is difficult to determine where the start and where does it end.
Every movement Silat Science Tali Rasa is thorough so that the whole movement of our limbs perfectly trained. Sense straps align movement and breathing so as to increase the “Power Breathing”, although his movements calm and slow but is actually a serious movement. Sense rope smooth running of blood, enhancing the mobility of the heart causing the heart to beat with calm and powerful that can reduce the chances of blood clots in the elderly circulation.
At the time of practicing Silat Science Tali Rasa takes the concentration of mind. Concentration. This concentration is very good for the health of the brain, especially the brain. Sense of Movement Studies Silat Tali manifold to be moved at once to connect and is very heavy exercise, and in the end a very large effect on all organs of the body. very important in movement science achievement Taste Silat adjustment strap between the body with the natural surroundings. it can enhance the body’s resistance to disease so as to prevent and cure diseases and prolong life.
Silat science Tai Sense, trained by setipa sick though. Sense of Science Silat practiced rope should be adjusted to body condition of each person, for example, people who suffer from high blood pressure should be slow and calm movements, people who suffer from respiratory tuberculosis should be reasonable without compulsion and less use of energy. Silat science Tali Rasa although apparently not powerful, but can scatter and absorb the opponent.
Silat science Tali Rasa contains five elements, namely the change of power “Slow – Lightweight – Coiling”, “Fast – Lightweight – Coiling”, “Quick – Strong – Coiling”, “Slow-Strong-Coiling,” Quick – Strong – Straight “.
things that need to be considered in menyempurnaan Science Tali Rasa Silat is as follows:
1. Mouth position
2. Harmony of movement and breath
3. Position of the body
4. Hands and Feet
5. Concentration and flavor though.

bakti negara 1

1. Position Mouth
The lips should be slightly open, not sealed but did not open too wide. if too wide open lips can interfere with normal breathing, the cold and the bad easily go bad for health.
teeth also should not be closed but rather open. Sealed teeth cause muscle and nerve damage around the head of a tense peace and so can damage the respiratory health. tip of the tongue should be pressed ceiling merembesnya stimulate saliva, stimulates the body’s glands work actively, it is very bermamfaat for health.
2. Harmony Movement and Breath
Breathing is the essence of life and suck the filth off the body through breathing techniques. Dancin breathing that can train and enhance the work of the lungs. Power Cords practicing Silat Science Sense breathe deep, long, flat and calm. with the practice in the long term it will be more benefit.
that occurred harmony between movement and breath, breathing in is done at the time menekukan arm, and leg lifting and movement kicked up. Exhale done when squatting, straighten your arms, legs and lay movements which is the end point of the movement.
menyesuaiakn way movement and breathing exercises requires a very long time to be aware of such as: standing up should draw breath because the chest cavity expands, while squatting should exhale because at this time the chest cavity will be narrowed. Need to be aware not only of movement and breath to harmony but also feelings, mind, spirit and power distribution so that there is harmony and harmony between movement and breathing, feeling, mind and spirit energy. alignment of six elements at the same time may not be possible in five to ten years of practice.
3. Body Position
in practice Silat Science Tali Rasa, position of the body should be perpendicular but must be reasonable and unaffected. Affect human backbone motion agility waist, back body should be perpendicular fairly, avoid muscle strain and wrist, so that a smooth blood circulation, can inflate the chest cavity so breathing will be perfectly perfect. waist is not leaning to the left, right, front and rear. waist is the axis in motion Silat Science Tali Rasa.
4. Hands and Feet.
Principles of movement science Tali Rasa Silat is as follows:
“Pivot at the waist, moving the hands, the feet Shifted”
Hands when moving fingers clenched fingers should not be too hard because it interferes with circulation. during the fist outstretched arm and fist should be in a straight line so as not to be hard wrist which can also interfere with blood circulation.
feet in Silat Science Tali Rasa serves to hold the entire weight of Badab, keep stabilitias body, firm and contained but not stiff, agile so that they can maneuver freely, limp but not empty or hollow.
foot should not be too much that can cause changes in the pattern of steps to be rigid. in each movement point weight on both feet and could be on one leg. a light foot can not be empty and limp. Leg movements in Silat Science Tali taste was like:
“Moving like a cat pass away”


because media, the authors did not elaborate on the concentration and Sports.

To speed up the training peak Silat Science Tali Rasa, it is recommended that:
1. reduce the consumption of meat
2. Perform regular meditation
3. Malakukan 18 moves Tali Rasa exercise regularly
4. For a smoker, stop smoking or reduce smoking
5. avoid drinking
6. Steer clear of foods that cause addiction

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